Social commitment

Based in a geographic area whose development and economic growth was subject to constraints, inequality of opportunities and high levels of migration amongst the youngest and most qualified members of the population, the company has always managed to overcome adversities, bypass periods of general crisis and maintain throughout its history significant representativeness for employability rates in the region.

FMLP has always focused on social causes and made a point of supporting these. The company founder was declared a distinguished member of the Portuguese Rotary Foundation.

Environmental commitment

The new generation has enhanced the company’s environmental awareness, which has progressively
implemented processes that minimize environmental impacts, namely by promoting the selective sorting of waste resulting from production and interventions carried out outside the company, which are sent to companies authorised to collect industrial waste. The result of these measures is more than 300,000 kg of recycled waste (iron, aluminium, glass, paper, plastic and others) that significantly reduce the company’s environmental footprint.


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